TOGETHER by THEMOIRè is a series of projects  to create a strengthening dialogue between unique artisans around the world and the values of the brand. THEMOIRè carries out projects to enhance the craftsmanship of a community in situations of vulnerability to preserve the traditions and to tell their own stories through pictures.


The final aim is to transform their heritage into products that allow us to finance projects in support of that community, generating positive change for people and our planet.



Our second chapter is dedicated to the community of Antananarivo, Madagascar.


In Madagascar we met 200 women from a raffia processing workshop. Three years ago a young woman started a collective of artisan women that came from vulnerable situations, with the aim of bringing independence and self-determination to them.


Thanks to the Avoko Association part of the revenues from the sales of the capsule will remain close to the red earth of Madagascar supporting the orphanage of the community and its children.


For this capsule collection we are using raffia, a material of which Madagascar is one of the first world producers.

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Schermata 2022-09-13 alle 12.08.54.png
Schermata 2022-09-13 alle 12.08.49.png

For this second capsule, we are working in collaboration with the Avoko Association, a children’s home providing refuge, care and education for a hundred and thirty vulnerable children who need protection, one of Madagascar’s leading centres.


This country, so colorful and so rich in traditions, is unfortunately one of the poorest on the planet. Even so, the Malagasy people always face challenges with a smile on their face. Our profits will remain close to the red earth of Madagascar thanks to the Avoko Association, for their children.